Secret Tips on how to Deep Condition and Hot Oil Treat your hair with the Ns Touch Bonnets.

Guaranteed drastic hair growth in 6 Months.


Deep Condition Routine 

  • Wash your hair.

  • Apply your conditioner.

  • Wrap your hair with cling foil.

  • Place a plastic bag over and then put your NS Touch Bonnet on.

  • Leave it on for 1 hour then rinse. 


Hot Oil Treatment 

No heat needed which means less damage to your hair.

  • Apply natural oil products of your choice.

  • Apply cling film and then place your Ns Touch Bonnet on.

  • Keep it on for 2 – 4 hours for a hot oil treatment or for better results, sleep with the cling film and NS Touch Bonnet on, to ensure oils soak into your roots.

NS Touch Bonnet

  • Material: Satin, Breathable and comfortable material 

    Elastic sewn within the satin, there is no need to worry about elastic band putting pressure on your edges. Yes, it does still hold in place and does not give you a headache. 

    NsTouch Bonnets keep your hairstyles looking fresh, prevents hair loss and frizz/ bed head. 

    Easy to carry whenever you travel.

    Strong protection: Maintains moisture of your hair and keeps your delicate curls in great condition. 

    100% Satin, ultra soft and Smooth, breathable and comfortable. Give your hair perfect treatment whilst sleeping.